One Step to Achieving Your Dreams - by mddreamer
Is there really only one step to reach your dreams?

Everything you do in life can be broken down into a thousand little steps. You can write lists for all these little steps, you can put numbers in front of the steps so you can relate to them with your logical mind and cross them off chronologically. But what really are these little steps? They are ACTION. All of them broken down into one simple step-ACTION.

How to implement this one step strategy

Planning is great; it helps you realize your desires and possible ways to achieve them. Talking about your plans is also a wonderful exercise in manifesting your dreams. Writing down your ideas could also help inspire you, essentially these are all actions and taking any of them will bring you closer to your dreams.

Ask yourself when are YOU ready for this one step plan

Sometimes you can hesitate to take action, wondering if it is the right choice, the best plan or the right moment. The amazing thing about life is you will find out! You will grab life by the reigns and take one step towards your dreams. And if perhaps that doesn’t happen to be the one step that somersaults your destiny towards you, fear not this one step plan can be implemented over and over again until success is achieved.

WARNING: Success doesn’t always look like you thought it would!
Jan. 22, 2013, 9:59 p.m. - Fenti

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