Breaking In - by mddreamer
I seem to be on to something transformational, something powerful and something simple. This is a key to freedom and to peace.

I have walked a healing path for years now, navigating my way through all the copius modalities and beliefs about how we heal and why we need to heal and for that matter what we are healing. I got lost alot; or it would seem I was lost. I guess perhaps I was walking the path all along, wandering it, sometimes aimlessly and sometimes pointedly. Today I grasp the concept of this spiral that seems to be behind all functions of the universe, including our own bodies and lives.

Right now-today, this is where I stand. My moment of truth is that the truest and most direct path to personal freedom is only inside us. It's a paradox that all these tools we search for out in the world around us, will eventually point us inside. There is a space inside me that holds all the secrets and these secrets I do not need to know only to feel this space and the power it holds. It will create a black hole inside me where all things untrue and not serving me, will get swallowed up and transformed. It is the most peaceful place I know and holds a love more profound than I have ever been given. All I need to do is let go and go inside, go there to this space and it will do the rest. The trick for me however has been the letting go. The more powerful the emotion or memory or coding I am going past, the more it would seem my mind wants to hold on. And this is where I believe all the tools learnt on the outside can help get you to the inside and letting go.

More to come on this as the space unfolds....

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