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Breaking In

posted by mddreamer  · November 02, 2014 ·  leave a comment

I seem to be on to something transformational, something powerful and something simple. This is a key to freedom and to peace.

I have walked a healing path for years now, navigating my way through all the copius modalities and beliefs about how we heal and why we need to heal and for that matter what we are healing. I got lost alot; or it would seem I was lost. I guess perhaps I was walking the path all along, wandering it, sometimes aimlessly and sometimes pointedly. Today I grasp the concept of this spiral that seems to be behind all functions of the universe, including our own bodies and lives.

Right now-today, this is where I stand. My moment of truth is that the truest and most direct path to personal freedom is only inside us. It's a paradox that all these tools we search for out in the world around us, will eventually point us inside. There is a space inside me that holds all the secrets and these secrets I do not need to know only to feel this space and the power it holds. It will create a black hole ...


New Networks

posted by mddreamer  · March 04, 2013 ·  leave a comment

As I learn to accept myself and where I am at with this dream and the building the skills I need to bring this to the world, I'm building new networks. New networks in my brain and biology as well as in my personal relational and professional sphere.

Every time I push my comfort zone and do something new, I see that truly life does begin outside your comfort zone. I'm graced with the meeting of new passionate people and all the wonderful things people are doing in this world to help each other and make it a better place.



Growing Momentum

posted by mddreamer  · February 16, 2013 ·  leave a comment


Well we did it! We finally launched, throwing all caution to the wind and all need to be perfect set aside. Allowing every experience in, not blocking anything. Taking the courage from the depth of my soul to show the world my true heart.


I dreamt and with the help of others I did it. One jump one leap and now praying that the love of the universe will take this dream it dreamt through me and share it where it needs to be.


Everyday I wake up with butterflies in my belly and I am filled with gratitude that I have been given the strength to forge through the valley of shadows in my mind to find the peace and balance to share with the world


One Step to Achieving Your Dreams

posted by mddreamer  · January 22, 2013 ·  leave a comment

Is there really only one step to reach your dreams?

Everything you do in life can be broken down into a thousand little steps. You can write lists for all these little steps, you can put numbers in front of the steps so you can relate to them with your logical mind and cross them off chronologically. But what really are these little steps? They are ACTION. All of them broken down into one simple step-ACTION.

How to implement this one step strategy

Planning is great; it helps you realize your desires and possible ways to achieve them. Talking about your plans is also a wonderful exercise in manifesting your dreams. Writing down your ideas could also help inspire you, essentially these are all actions and taking any of them will bring you closer to your dreams.

Ask yourself when are YOU ready for this one step plan

Sometimes you can hesitate to take action, wondering if it is the right choice, the best plan or the right moment. The amazing thing about life is you will find out! You will grab life by the ...