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Natural Wisdom

posted by melissa  · April 04, 2013 ·  leave a comment

What are our dreams?

Our dreams are bubbling pots of ideas and inspiration. We take our desires, thoughts and will and mix them all up to become the final product. We try hard, or not. We focus on a destination, or not. There is no exact recipe to follow to get to our dreams. But there are some hints, some tidbits of wisdom, that can help us achieve our dreams.

Natural wisdom

These little gems of knowledge can be hidden in the simplest places. If you look at a flower and watch it grow it will tell you how things unfold perfectly, naturally every time. Perhaps not every petal will be formed as long as the others or a leaf will wither and die. But if you give it water and sun it will grow. We can learn about our tendencies to survive and persevere, from the newborn baby. If you have ever seen a baby fresh out of the womb bounce or wiggle its way up to its mother’s breast you will know that we instinctually have all the skills needed to find our sustenance.

Observing ...


The Importance of Inspiration

posted by melissa  · February 24, 2013 ·  leave a comment

Who inspired you to reach for your dreams?

When I was a child I was lucky to see my mom reaching for her dreams. Constantly stepping outside her comfort zone and stretching to achieve her goals. I also had my dad who pushed me to jump off the higher cliff or hike the longer trail, motivating me all the way. I know that is how I ended up here, striving to reach my dreams.

Inspiration directs us to our dreams

What I believe is that inspiration is one of the most important parts of walking towards our dreams. If you can inspire someone to keep going, to dig deeper or to try something new, you can change a life.
Sometimes even a smile at the right time can be enough inspiration to keep us going through the day. It does not have to be a lifetime of inspiration, like my parents. You could help someone get through a creative block by throwing out some new ideas or give someone words of encouragement inspiring confidence in them to succeed at their goals.

It doesn’t matter how big or ...


Ready...Set, Launch and Thank You

posted by melissa  · January 17, 2013 ·  leave a comment

Wow what a ride so far! It’s hard to imagine how far we have come and how many things we have learned along the way. From just a seed of an idea to a social network beckoning it’s first community members, Dream Networks has taught us patience, perseverance and a plethora of other lessons.

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without Your Support

Dream Networks was built by many people working together and sharing their skills. Although this would not be without all of you, it would not even have come close without my business partner and brother, Jim Fenton, for all you are and do-thank you.

Sean Sheperd is the design genius behind our beautiful new internet community. He graciously volunteered much of his time, making it financially possible and leant his awesome creative flair to this project. The backbone and driving force of our site programming was headed up by Ryan Fugger. He also volunteered much time and effort assuring we could reach our goals within a budget. Thank you does not even seem a suitable phrase for the gratitude I feel for their incredible support of Dream ...