What is Dream Networks?

Dream Networks is a community where you are supported in realizing your dreams, working towards these aspirations on a path of discovery. It is a place where Dreamers and Helpers alike share their skills and resources with the end goal of helping each other make our dreams a reality.

How does Dream Networks work?

After creating a profile as a Dreamer, a Helper, or both, you will share, source, advocate, network, create, inspire and motivate yourself and others toward achieving dreams.

What qualifies as a dream?

You can post anything on Dream Networks as long as it is respectful of the community. For more detailed information on our content guidelines and restrictions, please see our Terms and Conditions.

What is advocating?

When you advocate, you will have the opportunity to share a profile online by using other networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and email.

How do I help someone?

There are many ways you can help. But before you can get started, you must register with Dream Networks by creating a Helper Profile. After registering, you will be able to advocate by sharing your profile and other Dreamer and Helper profiles with your extended online network. You will also be able to comment on Dreamers’ blogs, communicate directly with others through the messaging system, offer your resources and connect people with each other. These are just a few ideas – we are positive that once you get started you will come up with many more ways to help people in the Dream Networks community achieve their dreams!

How do I post a dream?

Before you can post a dream you must register and create an account. After registering, you will be invited to read a Dreamer Introduction which will describe the process in more detail.

How do I post my help?

Before you can post your help you must register and create an account. After registering, you will be invited to read a Helper Introduction which will describe the process in more detail.

What is “my progress” and how does this blog work?

“My Progress” is a space where you are able to blog about your journey towards achieving your dream, or your experience as a Helper. There you can post written updates, add photos and videos, and even have the opportunity for others to comment on and support you as you make progress. Keeping your blog up to date by adding new content is essential for sparking the interest of others and will provide a continually developing space for conversation and ideas.

What is Help My Dream and Ask For My Help?

These are both links to the user messaging system which is an external messaging system.

How does the messaging system work?

It is an external system, which means you will be using the personal email address you registered with to communicate with other users. Your initial message will be sent with an anonymous email address but after that, any further communication will come from your personal email account.

Who can use Dream Networks?

Firemen, politicians, house cleaners, nurses, garbage men, gardeners, gamblers, electricians, people that like jello…anyone and everyone is welcome to use Dream Networks!

Why should I use Dream Networks?

You should use Dream Networks if you have or have ever had a dream or aspiration that you needed a little inspiration to help realize. You should use Dream Networks if you ever wanted to help someone and weren’t sure how to best use your resources and skills.

When is a dream complete?

Your dream is complete when you think it is. On your journey of discovery, your dream may change or evolve into something completely unexpected. You may want to complete one dream and start another. You’re in complete control of your progress.

How many dreams can I have?

Right now, we’re working with one dream at a time. You can complete or delete a dream at any time and start another.

Can I give or receive financial support for a dream?

Sure, but not through Dream Networks. Any connections you make for funding are completely separate from Dream Networks. You can read more in our Terms and Conditions.

How do I advertise or partner with Dream Networks?

We have some great ideas for future Dream Networks projects and we’d love to hear yours too. Contact Us.