Ready...Set, Launch and Thank You - by melissa
Wow what a ride so far! It’s hard to imagine how far we have come and how many things we have learned along the way. From just a seed of an idea to a social network beckoning it’s first community members, Dream Networks has taught us patience, perseverance and a plethora of other lessons.

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without Your Support

Dream Networks was built by many people working together and sharing their skills. Although this would not be without all of you, it would not even have come close without my business partner and brother, Jim Fenton, for all you are and do-thank you.

Sean Sheperd is the design genius behind our beautiful new internet community. He graciously volunteered much of his time, making it financially possible and leant his awesome creative flair to this project. The backbone and driving force of our site programming was headed up by Ryan Fugger. He also volunteered much time and effort assuring we could reach our goals within a budget. Thank you does not even seem a suitable phrase for the gratitude I feel for their incredible support of Dream Networks. Please check out the links to their websites at the bottom.

Lina Caschetto also deserves a medal of honor for her amazing editorial and design skills. I whole heartedly thank her for Dream Networks logo and so much more.

Many others have helped test the site, create new ideas, prepare grant proposals and every other major and minor feat of creation. Some of which were keeping me grounded and focused, to all of you close to me...THANK YOU! Dream Networks is you, created by your love and support and for the love and support of others. I pray you all can see the wonderful joy you have created for the world.

All Steps in the Journey

It seems that reaching this point would have a sense of completion, but I am very aware of the cyclical, spiraling nature of creation and feel here is just another step on the endless journey. I now invite all of you to join me in this particular branch of creation and discover what amazing stories, dreams and relationships we can make together in this new place.

Please post your dream or offer of help and see where this exciting journey could take you!

Sean Sheperd

Ryan Fugger

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