Natural Wisdom - by melissa

What are our dreams?

Our dreams are bubbling pots of ideas and inspiration. We take our desires, thoughts and will and mix them all up to become the final product. We try hard, or not. We focus on a destination, or not. There is no exact recipe to follow to get to our dreams. But there are some hints, some tidbits of wisdom, that can help us achieve our dreams.

Natural wisdom

These little gems of knowledge can be hidden in the simplest places. If you look at a flower and watch it grow it will tell you how things unfold perfectly, naturally every time. Perhaps not every petal will be formed as long as the others or a leaf will wither and die. But if you give it water and sun it will grow. We can learn about our tendencies to survive and persevere, from the newborn baby. If you have ever seen a baby fresh out of the womb bounce or wiggle its way up to its mother’s breast you will know that we instinctually have all the skills needed to find our sustenance.

Observing and being flexible will help you get there

As we silently observe the world around us we can learn the lessons needed to achieve our deepest yearnings. In our hearts there is a recipe already written to succeed. Sometimes we will need to be flexible and creative in substituting the ingredients for our success, sometimes we will have to look at another recipe to get more ideas, but the path is written in our hearts and that is where we will always find it.

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