Inspiration - by ftloa
Well yesturday, which was thursday feb 7th, I went to meet with Deborah Silk who is the head of Critteraid based out of Summerland. Critteraid is a no-kill sanctuary on 10 acres. I am probably going to do some respite for them, which gives me a good opportunity to see what it is all about. Deborah started doing this at around the same age as I am now and has been doing it for 20 years so she had a lot of good and bad news for me, but I am glad because I want to be prepared. I have started the process of signing up to be a non-profit society, once I actually get the property and get started I can apply to be a charitable society which is a little harder. I think Critteraid is a great connection for me, but there are some things i would still do a little differently then them. They have mostly cats and a few farm animals, dogs have been difficult for them do to complaining nieghbors. I definately want to be able to have dogs at my sanctuary, so I am going to have to make sure whatever property I get the nieghbors will have to be on board. Anyway Deborah is a great inspiration and I am prepared for the obstacles.
Feb. 12, 2013, 12:33 p.m. - mddreamer

Check out this property.... just to keep the passion fires burning!

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