Helpfull Earth

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I am a student of life who feels as though a sponge soaking up and distilling goodness from all that  my senses recieve. I feel my wealth of these discoveries allows me to be of service in all ways like a pebble dropped in water ripples in all directions. I AM open to share help for I find it most rewarding.My practical experience over 53 years young include Love of nature , wilderness canoeing and backpacking,Practical experience with our bodies health wellness food nutritional healing needs. Problem solving with multile options as well as understanding repairing and inventing mechanical items such as vehicles- trains to alternative vehicles, hydrauilics,welding ,fabricating inventing background starting in my early youth. Buildings of all sorts conventional to extreme alternative structures for poeple, food, animals,permaculture concepts and prescriptions, gardening organic sustainable farming and power systems that mother earth offers us and artsan skills, keeping respectful to nature with loving intention when sculpting earth in many years loader-backhoe-excavator and various machine prescription including post crystal placement honoring our symbiotic relationship  . Trained student of voice loving music and vibrations Working with crystal art and members of mineral kingdom.Willing to help you onsite your location if possible and physicaly and or an ear to listen,think-tank, passionate about our choices of direction on this planet. When you wish you may call on me for support in these areas and more...

Definitely a Dreamer, holding a vision of playing in this 40 acre "sandbox" with like minded lovers of our mother earth. Building the "foundations" of a eco-friendly sustainable organic farm and healing retreat has been my passion.( though I have left many aspects of this passion in stages) Yearning to bring them to fruition yet realizing sharing has rewards far greater than being the "lone wolf". Wishing to be part of a team, trusting my ideas and labors of love on this land are part of a bigger picture. Wholistic nutrition,Permaculture farming, Artisans blend and Healing modalities are my main facets, and collecting pieces to this puzzle.