Dream Networks is My Dream

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Dream Networks is the culmination of an idea that started years ago on a journey through Central America. I was street performing and met so many wonderful people with incredible talent but no means or resources to advance with it. Through the years my view point changed and I saw that we all deserve for our dreams to come true and for some of us the lack was in resources and for others it was just in motivation or inspiration. Even the opportunity to share our dreams with people who wouldn't dismiss it or have a set idea of what and how we should be doing things in our lives. My vision is to create a space where I can share my natural skills and talents with others and they can do the same, while creating joy and passion in others lives. The reality of reaching for your dreams is that the true gems are in the journey and Dream Networks is about exploring that journey together. It is also a place to add depth to your desire to help others, while utilizing your unique skills and resources.

Help with this dream will be awesome!

First and foremost we need people to sign up and create the beginning of the Dream Networks community. I would also like to connect with other passionate people who groove on my idea and want to be a part of the team in anyway. We could use financial backing to continue with our ideas for Dream Networks. Our hope is to host a Dream Symposium, which is a one day event featuring a motivational speaker, exciting group activities, dream building/goal setting tools and the opportunity to network a dream in real time with the participants. Our first location for this is in Kelowna, but we hope to continue all over the world. If anyone is interested in being a part of that I would like to connect with them.

I believe by sharing our skills, talents and resources we can create anything...please join me on this exciting journey!

I'm a dreamer and a helper. This site is part of one of my many dreams, and also the place I created to share my skills and resources fulfilling my purpose. My life has been amazing enough to take me all over the world meeting people and coming close to their dreams and hearts. I've learned how alike we all really are and how important having dreams really is. Not always will we reach them exactly like we think but the fun part is trying. I believe we don't need to change the world, just live the life of our dreams and the world will change itself. ...